Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where were we..

I checked out of here. And life.
I met someone at the grocery who was visiting town and asked how my dad and girls were. Said she missed my ramblings and encouraged me to write again.
I'm not sure I have anything to say. The reason I left. Stillness.

Something really does happen when the last chick leaves the nest. Who am I now. Where am I going.
Feeling like I'm on the edge waiting for something. To jump in, or to jump up at me.
Endings and Beginnings.

I read over my old posts from the beginning and didn't recognize myself. Shy now. Embarrassed by my words. My instinct was to delete them all. Go further into hiding. But maybe they will come in handy one day. If I loose my mind, and my girls need memories to to jog me into moments of coherency. Or for themselves, as they ride life.

My dad is here visiting for two weeks. He's 86 now. Mostly sharp as a tack. His memory would win contests. His umph and passion mellowed. Over marinated. Broken down.
I miss that part. Although, it brings peace too. Dr. Phil is his hero. Can "fix" anything. Judge Judy knows all. And Jerry gets him all juiced up. The news brings him down. But he can't stop.
His world.
The easiest house guest ever. Sleeps on the couch even though there are two beds waiting for him. Likes to go to the Bakery for lunch, coffee at Creekside and dinner out. We come together and then let each other be. Him to his naps and shows. Me to my wanderings. He sees me in him. He in I. of my symptoms is not being able to sit still long enough in one place. Need some air. A walk.
 .always love.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Edited 9.10.12 
Lost post. problem with Blogger.

Above there is no forgiveness because there is no unforgiveness

Forgiveness here brings peace

With pain, there is change.


All different. Traveling at various speeds. Our satchels packed with our pasts, joys, and sorrow.

With love, anything is possible. 
But not everything.


I used to say, if I didn't have a mirror or birth certificate, I'd be 17.
After this year, 
I'm now 21
Growing up. Learning to deal with the good and the bad in life.
Face the scary. See the illusions.
Walking through the fire.

Two thousand twelve. 
It's not like they didn't predict it
Many losses, for so many.
December 21st will be here before we know it.
..hopefully a shift and more ease, 
which they also predict!


I've had no words. Or Light to share here for awhile.
Your emails, messages on facebook, and notes slipped under my door
mean very much to me. 

I still take my camera to fun things.
I'll try to post more photos throughout the days.

Went with my Buddhist teacher to the Grafton Peace Pagoda on August 11th
for the 67th Commemoration Ceremony of Hiroshima- Nagasaki


So very beautiful
I hope to stay here someday.
In need of rest.

In preparation for the ceremony

Stations of the life of Buddha surround the Stupa

Buddha's birth out of the side of his mother

Non attachment.
My lesson. My gift.

Hard work.

My Teacher. My heart.

Last Monday's anti Fracking rally in Albany.

With palms together
I send you peace.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summertime Sweetness

Thank you for your dear notes of love and concern.
All is well.
Lying low surrendering to life and all it's Glory.
Sipping lavender tea, secret picnic lands, reading lakeside under lamplight.
Seeing Light.

Secret hiding place.
I come here often.
Real and in my Mind.

Little mouse friend, Ohsosweet♥
..that's his name.
He lets me pet him.

 ..but this is what he does when he sees the camera.
He thinks because his head is covered I cannot see him.


In my fantasy world here, I also have a Cat named Osho.
He sleeps the days away in a wooden bowl upon my dresser.
Old saris cover the windows and magic carpets dress the floor.
In my Mind I wear a white linen nightgown and Peace surrounds me.


Thoughts, prayers, sacred scents.

Spirit Orbs
When called , they come.


Picnic road at twilight.
Hanging wishes on the moon.


Last month was familytime ♥
My Dad came up from L.I. for 2 weeks! 
Milli, my brother and his family came too! To celebrate my Dad's 85th Birthday!!

 Make it a good one Grandpa :)

 Reading a written Birthday, Father's Day lovenote.
♥ ♥ ♥

It's been a long time since we've all been together.
HAPPY Birthday Dad with alllll our Love xoxoxo

That same weekend
Hannah and Matt
x ♥ x


These two girls tickle my funny bone like no other!
We look innocent but we are  t r o u b l e  when we're together!!

Just a few short days later. Leaving with her Dad for a Boulder adventure

Milligirl finally has a car!!

Wishing you warm days and cool nights
Ice-Pops and Pinwheels
Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Love Under The Bodhi Tree

I dream in symbols, numbers, and words.
..last night a song.
Never quite understanding any of it when I awake.
For the past few months dreaming, Love under the Bodhi Tree
Like a screen saver, these words float across my mind throughout the night.
The tree where Buddha found Enlightenment. Am I to go there? 
Or just be, wherever I am, and Hear the word.
The yoga and colors of India give me butterflies in my tummy but I'm not sure my heart would survive.

Paying attention.
A Thangka teacher up in the hills of Dharamsala.
A photograph.
A need, like water, to let go of mind and attachments.

With palms together, listening.

Auburn Public Theater
Dr. Craig Humphrey's photo exhibition of his world travels

"The images capture the spirit of the people, animals and their environments, with several photos representing the sacred. "
"100% of the proceeds to be donated to Namgyal Monastery.  Specifically, donations will go to the construction funds of a new monastery, Du Khor Choe Ling.  The monastery is 80% complete now, but has run out of funds.  One can also donate directly.  When the project is completed that Dalai Lama will come to Ithaca and there will be a world wide event.  
Du Khor Choe Ling is the Dalai Lama's personal monastery in the USA and it's main purpose is to promote world peace."

I knew immediately which one I wanted.

Pointing and asking Craig's wife Mary about it, she said it was taken on their recent trip to India.
It is through a window of a monastery right next to
the Bodhi Tree.
To hang in my yoga room.


Like the Red Carpet,
for Prom and Ball, the whole town gathers down by the lake to see the pretty dresses and handsome boys.
Never do I remember a more sunny warm perfect evening for the Junior Prom. 

Traditional Gazebo shots

Mama and her boy ♥

Always photos by the lake

Walking home by my favorite side of the lake,
where not many go
...didn't even know there were gatherings here

My first thought was, these must be the different kids
The kind I would like, be.



Another event at Auburn Public Theater
The Guru Ganesha Band

Guru Ganesha Singh

Oldest and dearest friends

So very Blessed to have them right here in our tiny spec of the Universe

Sat Kartar Singh friends that night teased me about having a little crush on him.
Something about those tights :) and sweet smile and voice.
Oh, and knowing they neverrrr cut their hair, and up in that turban was lotsss of it!

Hans Christian
That Indian instrument he played was beyond anything I've ever heard. Transported me to other realms.
...I think it may be called a Sarangi

Ganesha and Michelle Hurtado
...trying to post a video but this site is not letting me.
maybe later

This was pretty amazing
While waiting for my ride I was searching searching the internet for Mandala stickers for my car.
Couldn't find one that sang to me.
On line to get our seats I met this SWEET PIE
She MAKES Mandala stickers!!!
LOVED them alllll!! It was the perfect imperfect perfection of hand I was looking for.
Divine Inspiration.
Bought 5 :)

Gifts for Guru Ganesha

After the show
Michele and Ganesha. Friends.

Sat Katar's shoes
♥ ♥ ♥!!

The next morning we took breakfast up the lake to where they were staying.
Tofu scramble, gf banana bread, kitchari, and yogi tea

Michelle requested EGGS

Perfect flippergirl!!

Good morning Hans!

Sat Nam

Michele and her boy ♥


Friday night Kirtan concert with the release of Mark Nani's new CD
...cannot stop playing it Mark!!

So totally enjoy the bathroom at CNY Yoga!

mmmmm. lovelovelove.

Grateful for this man, place.


Saturday an all day class in Cazenovia 
Voices from the Therigatha: Meditations and Inspiration from the First Buddhist Women
Sister Medavi (Anne Teich, PhD)

At the end of the day we were treated to a delightful dance 
depicting the Green and the White Tara
Green Tārā, known as the Buddha of enlightened activity
White Tārā, known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity; also known as The Wish-fulfilling Wheel, or Cintachakra

Om Shanti
Shanti Shanti

So soooo wish we could go to town, choose from yards and yards of beautiful fabrics, and have a Sari made!
Bought 2 vintage ones online this week.
I have a wedding to go to that I may tryyy and wrap myself in one.

So adore pink and red together 

Mmmm. Purple too.


Tuesday evening with my friend Gail up at the boat launch

Right as Venus was making it's transit across the sun.

Hold on tight, good things are coming!
The Pot of Gold
Our beautiful beloved lake.