Saturday, September 8, 2012


Edited 9.10.12 
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Above there is no forgiveness because there is no unforgiveness

Forgiveness here brings peace

With pain, there is change.


All different. Traveling at various speeds. Our satchels packed with our pasts, joys, and sorrow.

With love, anything is possible. 
But not everything.


I used to say, if I didn't have a mirror or birth certificate, I'd be 17.
After this year, 
I'm now 21
Growing up. Learning to deal with the good and the bad in life.
Face the scary. See the illusions.
Walking through the fire.

Two thousand twelve. 
It's not like they didn't predict it
Many losses, for so many.
December 21st will be here before we know it.
..hopefully a shift and more ease, 
which they also predict!


I've had no words. Or Light to share here for awhile.
Your emails, messages on facebook, and notes slipped under my door
mean very much to me. 

I still take my camera to fun things.
I'll try to post more photos throughout the days.

Went with my Buddhist teacher to the Grafton Peace Pagoda on August 11th
for the 67th Commemoration Ceremony of Hiroshima- Nagasaki


So very beautiful
I hope to stay here someday.
In need of rest.

In preparation for the ceremony

Stations of the life of Buddha surround the Stupa

Buddha's birth out of the side of his mother

Non attachment.
My lesson. My gift.

Hard work.

My Teacher. My heart.

Last Monday's anti Fracking rally in Albany.

With palms together
I send you peace.


  1. Male or female? Depends on how I handle them.

    I can feel that your heart is broken.
    Your child like innocence is what I, we, adore.
    Please hang on tight.

    You are loved.

  2. Peace be with you...........
    One can definitely sense a major change going on in your life..
    I pray you find hope, peace and light...........

  3. I pop over now and then looking for your return..... I miss your posts.